Ladies, we all know the struggle. You are walking into a shoe store mesmerized by the endless rows of beautiful footwear. Each pair is more perfect than the last. And before you know it, you've racked up 21 pairs in your collection.

What do you think, is owning 21 pairs of shoes excessive? While we might argue that 21 pairs are just the beginning, it's important to acknowledge that our love for shoes could be slightly obsessive, given that we're writing about them. So, we'll leave the question up to you to decide.

Singer Celine Dion has so many shoes, 10,000 pairs to be exact, that she has to store them in a Las Vegas warehouse.

First, did you know that the average woman spends around $49 on a pair of shoes? Multiply that by 21, and you have a hefty $1,029 investment in your shoe collection. But hey, who's counting?

On the other hand, studies have shown that wearing the same pair of shoes daily can cause foot problems. So, having a variety of shoes to switch things up can actually be good for your health. That's right, ladies, you're not just shoe shopping; you're taking care of your feet!

But how do you know when enough is enough? One trick is to consider how often you wear each pair of shoes. If you've got a few pairs collecting dust in the back of your closet, it might be time to donate or sell them to make room for new favorites.

Another tip is to think about the types of shoes you own. For example, do you have a good mix of dressy and casual shoes? Are there any occasions or outfits you don't have the right shoes for? These questions can help you narrow your collection to the shoes you use and love.

So, whether you've got 21 pairs of shoes or 101, the most important thing is to love what you have and wear them proudly. And who knows, maybe one day you'll find that perfect 22nd pair to add to your collection!

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