Are you tired of your once-fresh kicks looking like they've seen better days? Do you cringe at thinking of stepping out in public with scuffed, dirty shoes? Fear not, fellow footwear enthusiasts, because we have the solution to your shoe-care woes!

Let's face it. Shoes can make or break an outfit. But with daily wear and tear, it's easy for even the most stylish kicks to lose their luster. That's why we've rounded up our favorite shoe care products to keep your shoes looking fresh and clean, no matter how often you wear them.

From shoe-cleaning sprays to specialty protectants, our top picks will leave your shoes looking new. And let's not forget the added benefit of extending the life of your beloved footwear. So not only will you look good, but you'll also save money in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Take a step in the right direction and read on to discover our favorite shoe care products. Trust us, your shoes (and your wallet) will thank you.

The Basics of Shoe Care

Taking care of your shoes is crucial if you want them to last longer and remain in good condition. Shoes not properly cared for can become smelly, stained, and even start to mold or fall apart. Furthermore, dirty and unkempt shoes can reflect your overall style and personal hygiene.

In addition, taking care of your shoes can also help to prevent injuries or accidents, such as slipping on a dirty sole or tripping over a frayed lace.

The frequency at which you should clean your shoes depends on several factors, such as the type of shoe, the environment in which they are worn, and how often they are worn. Generally, cleaning your shoes at least once a month or whenever they become visibly dirty or stained would be best.

Shoes worn in outdoor environments, such as hiking or running shoes, should be cleaned after each use to prevent dirt and debris from building up and causing damage.

Proper shoe storage prevents damage, deformation, mold, and odors. Here are some tips for storing your shoes:

  1. Keep your shoes dry and cool, away from direct sunlight or heat sources that can cause the materials to crack or fade.
  2. Use shoe trees or stuff them with newspaper to help maintain their shape and prevent creasing.
  3. Keep shoes in a dust bag or covered container to prevent dust and debris from settling on them.
  4. Store shoes in a way that allows air circulation, such as on a shoe rack or shelf.
  5. Avoid storing shoes touching each other or in a way that can cause the colors or materials to transfer.

By following these essential tips, you can help ensure that your shoes remain in good condition and look great for years.

How We Choose

When choosing our product picks for this list, we considered several factors: effectiveness, ease of use, and overall value for money.

We also looked for safe products for a wide variety of materials, such as leather, suede, and canvas.

Additionally, we considered the environmental impact of each product and looked for eco-friendly options where possible.

Why Trust FrontPage Reviews? Our team spends hundreds of hours doing in-depth research, independently analyzing brands, comparing product features (for durability, ease of use, value, and more), consulting industry experts, and reviewing consumer feedback so you don't have to. So not only do we strive to take the hassle out of making purchase decisions, we hope to save you time and money along the way.

We scoured the market and consulted with experts to ensure that our picks are the best of the best when it comes to shoe care products. So whether you're looking to clean, protect, or restore your shoes, we've done all the work, so you don't have to.

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Our Top Picks for Basic Shoe Cleaning Supplies

1. Otter Wax- Premium Horsehair Shoe Brush

Best for Dry Brushing (All Materials)

What You Should Know

The first step to any excellent shoe cleaning routine is the "dry brush." Dry brushing allows you to take a first swipe at eliminating dirt, dust, or other debris on the shoe's surface. This simplifies the subsequent cleaning process and removes larger, hard particles that could scratch shoes during the scrubbing step.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This brush is crafted from a unique combination of superfine grey horsehair, chosen for its supple texture and durability. This brush boasts densely packed bristles that offer superior coverage and shine while being gentle enough for use on delicate leather. The elegantly curved lacquered birch handle conforms comfortably to your hand, featuring carved grips on either side for enhanced control and effortless maneuvering.

2. Shacke 4-Way Shoe Brush

Best All-In-One Brush for Suede and Nubuck Leather

What You Should Know

Keeping your shoes looking their best can be challenging, especially when trying to reach all the nooks and crannies of your footwear. Often, using multiple brushes can be time-consuming and inconvenient. That's why having a single brush that can handle all your shoe-cleaning needs can make a significant difference. A versatile shoe-cleaning brush that can get into your shoes' tight spaces and corners can make the task much easier and more efficient.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This brush is the perfect balance to fiercely clean your suede/nubuck material while being gentle at the same time, so it does not damage it. The welt surface brush is ideal for heavier scuff marks and stains, offering more substantial cleaning power. For lighter, gentler cleaning, the nylon bristles brush is excellent for light scuff marks on thin, fine suede or nubuck. The arched half-circle brush is a great choice to clean rounded corners easier. And for those hard-to-reach crevices and grooves, the thin protruding brush is specifically designed to help you quickly get the job done.

3. Andiker Multifunctional Soft Bristle Long Handle Shoe Brush

Best for Wet Scrubbing Fabric, Canvas, and Mesh

What You Should Know

Casual shoes are often our go-to footwear for everyday wear. As a result, they can become quite dirty and require a thorough cleaning. However, it's crucial to choose a brush that can effectively clean without causing any damage to the materials commonly used for these types of shoes, such as canvas, mesh, and fabric. The right brush can handle the tough cleaning required for these shoes while still being gentle enough to avoid damage. With a suitable cleaning brush, you can confidently tackle any stubborn stains or dirt on your casual shoes and keep them looking fresh and new.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This brush is versatile and gentle on item surfaces, providing a rich lather for deep cleaning. Its tail tip and curved brush head, paired with a curved handle, make it ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and dead angles. Additionally, the long handle enables penetration into the inside of shoes and gaps, resulting in efficient and thorough cleaning. The brush features a non-slip groove that provides stability during use. Its U-shaped brush head is designed for outdoor shoes and is perfect for removing dirt and debris, making even well-worn sneakers and boots look fresh and new.

4. Red Wing Horsehair Dauber Shoe Brush

Best for Applying Product (All Materials)

What You Should Know

While many cleaning products come with applicators, a brush can be more effective. A brush allows for more even distribution of the cleaning solution, ensuring that all shoe areas are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, a brush can help to work the cleaning solution into the shoe's surface, allowing for a deeper clean. Plus, using a brush as an applicator saves time and energy as the tool does all the work. The right brush can also help preserve the quality and integrity of your shoes, ensuring they look great for years to come.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This brush is made with 100% horse hair. It can be used as a gentle and precise applicator for all cleaning, conditioning, and protecting shoe care products. This brush is more effective and ergonomic than using a towel or cloth to apply products and effortlessly gets into all the crevices of shoes.

5. Simple Shine Buffing/Cleaning/Polishing Cloth Set

Best Shining Cloth Set for Vinyl, Finished Leathers, and Exotic Materials

What You Should Know

A cloth shining kit is an excellent addition to your shoe cleaning supplies as it provides an easy and efficient way to maintain the shine and appearance of your shoes. While brushes and cleaning products are essential for removing dirt and grime, a shining cloth kit adds shine and polish to your shoes. A kit may include various cloths, such as soft chamois, flannel, or microfiber, each with its specific function.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe-shining kit has three double-sided flannel buffing cloths and two microfiber cleaning and conditioning cloths. The professional-grade flannel cloths are designed to create a brilliant shine on fine leather shoes and boots. The coarse side of the cloth removes excess conditioner, wax, and debris, while the smooth side buffs the leather to a perfect shine. These flannel cloths can be used with cream, paste, wax polish, and mink oil. The high-quality microfiber cloths are an ultra-soft blend, perfect for gently cleaning and conditioning fine leather. Scratch-free and lint-free, they work great as an all-purpose leather care cloth and their highly absorbent, quick-dry design ensures that they won't leave streaks or lint behind. In addition, they are machine or hand-washable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable towels while also helping you save money in the long run.

6. X Ultrasoft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Best Cloth for Product Application (All Materials)

What You Should Know

We discussed how an applicator brush is the most thorough way to apply cleaning products to your shoes. But a cleaning cloth is the next best method. And, a cleaning cloth is especially great for those delicate loose weave fabrics and Crocs' Croslite resin material. A cloth applicator allows for an even and consistent product distribution, ensuring that all shoe areas receive appropriate care. Additionally, a cloth applicator can work the product into the shoe's surface, allowing for deeper and more thorough cleaning.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This non-dyed cloth is an excellent addition to any shoe-cleaning kit. It is safe to use on various materials, including colored materials, suede, leather, vinyl, and canvas. It is also machine washable, making it easy to care for and reusable for multiple cleaning sessions. The ultra-gentle fabric and binding ensure that the cloth is scratch-free and won't damage any materials, even delicate ones. Additionally, the cloth is made from soft microfiber material that won't leave any lint or dust behind, making it ideal for achieving a perfect, polished finish.

7. Unstick Reusable Nonstick Mat

Best for Work Surface Protection

What You Should Know

A best practice for working with shoe care products is to use a surface-protecting sheet. These sheets can collect any spills or drips, preventing damage to your work surface. In addition, a protective sheet is designed to be washed and stored, making it a reliable and sustainable option for your next shoe-cleaning project. With a surface-protecting sheet, you can ensure that your workspace stays clean and organized while protecting your shoes and the environment.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This surface-protecting sheet is a non-toxic, 100% PFOA-free Japanese PTFE material that is water-repellent and heat-resistant. It is an excellent tool for protecting your work surface from all shoe care products, including waxes, oils, dyes, and polishes. Unlike disposable options, this protective sheet is reusable, reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility. When finished, simply rinse the sheet with warm, soapy water and store it either rolled up or flat.

8. Alpenheat EcoDry Boot and Shoe Dryer

Best for Reducing Drying Time

What You Should Know

A commonly overlooked step in shoe cleaning is drying them thoroughly before storing or wearing them again. If shoes are not allowed to dry completely, they can develop a foul odor and promote the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Additionally, damp shoes can damage the material, cause discomfort, and decrease the shoe's lifespan. Although waiting for shoes to dry can be long and tedious, you can speed up the process with a shoe dryer.

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This boot and shoe dryer is a smart way to speed up the drying time of your shoes after cleaning. Especially true if you live in a humid climate. Using this innovative dryer, you can dry your shoes efficiently without using power or electricity. The permeable bags filled with activated carbon absorb excess moisture, and the durable design makes them eco-friendly and easy to reuse.

Our Top Picks for Cleaning and Stain Removal

What You Should Know

Regarding shoe cleaning and stain removal, using the right product for your shoe's material is essential. Different materials require different types of cleaners and treatments. Using the wrong product can potentially damage or discolor your shoes. For example, leather shoes require a specific type of cleaner and conditioner to keep them looking their best. In contrast, canvas shoes may require a different treatment altogether. Using a product specifically designed for your shoe's material can help ensure that your shoes are cleaned effectively and without any damage.

1. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner

Best for Cleaning Fabrics and Canvas

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This All-in-One Shoe Cleaner and Conditioner is a safe concentrate that works on all washable materials such as leather, vinyl, nubuck, suede, canvas, and cloth. As it is non-toxic, it can be used in various ways, and since it's a concentrate, a little goes a long way. It's best to test it on a small area first if unsure of the fabric. With just a few drops, this shoe cleaner concentrate can keep your shoes, boots, and other fabrics looking new again.

2. Pink Miracle Quick Wipes

Best for Spot Cleaning Fabrics and Canvas

Why It's Front Page Worthy

These cleaning wipes work on washable materials like the original cleaner and conditioner (not recommended for suede). Each wipe has enough solution for one pair of shoes and is dual-sided with an abrasive and smooth side. In addition, the convenient and disposable wipes are individually wrapped, making them perfect for on-the-go cleaning and spot cleaning on stains.

3. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner

Best for Cleaning Synthetic Materials

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe cleaner effectively cleans and naturally conditions, extending the life of your shoes. It can clean up to 200 pairs of sneakers with outstanding cleaning power. Made with natural soaps derived from coconut and other oils, this cleaner is non-toxic, free of harmful dyes, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable. It's also safe for all materials, including leather, suede, nylon, and nubuck.

4. Jason Markk Premium Dual-Textured Cleaning Wipes

Best for Spot Cleaning Synthetic Materials

Why It's Front Page Worthy

These shoe-cleaning wipes offer superior cleaning ability when used with Jason Markk shoe cleaning solution and are incredibly durable for tough stains. Each wipe is dual-textured for the ultimate cleaning power. Use the dotted side to clean stubborn stains and the smooth side to wipe away excess dirt. Great for cleaning on the go and spot-treating stains. At 98.3% natural, they are eco-friendly too.

5. SneakErasers Instant Sneaker Cleaner Sponge

Best for Cleaning and Whitening Sneaker Soles

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This instant sneaker cleaner features convenient miracle-erasing sponges that make scuff marks and dirt stains disappear from shoes' and sneakers' soles and midsoles. Buff gently for maximum cleaning power. The unique dual-layer technology, powerful micro-scrubbers, and proprietary cleaning formula are designed to remove tough marks, scuffs, and dirt on any sole. In addition, the pocket-size design makes it easy to use on the go.

6. Crocs Shine Shoe Cleaning Sponge

Best for Cleaning Crocs

Why It's Front Page Worthy

Revive the shine of your favorite molded Crocs shoes with Crocs Shine shoe cleaner. The specially formulated polish and applicator are already included in the sponge, making it easy to use. Simply rub the sponge on the affected areas and remove any excess cleaner with a dry paper towel or washcloth. This shoe cleaner works on other Crocs styles, including work shoes, clogs, and sandals.

7. Fiebing's Saddle Soap

Best for Cleaning Leather

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This product cleans and lubricates leather fibers to prevent brittleness while maintaining suppleness and strength. Please note that after cleaning your shoes, you must follow with leather polish.

8. Fiebing's Shoe Cream Shoe Polish

Best for Polishing and Conditioning Leather

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This product is applied after you clean your leather shoes. This unique wax blend is rich in natural waxes. It conditions, re-colors, and polishes finished, grained, and smooth leather shoes and boots. Ensure you choose a color that matches the color of your leather shoes. This polish is excellent for covering scuffs and scrapes, and buffs to a high gloss.

9. Angelus Easy Cleaner

Best for Cleaning Suede

Why It's Front Page Worthy

Safe for all materials, including suede, nubuck, vinyl, straw, canvas, and Goretex. This cleaner is strong enough to clean soles and sidewalls and gentle enough to clean suede and nubuck. This cleaner is safe and non-toxic and will not harm or stain your shoes.

10. Kiwi Suede and Nubuck Stain Eraser

Best for Treating Stains on Suede

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This stain eraser is a powerful tool for cleaning and restoring suede and nubuck materials. This dry chemical bar is effective for both regular and delicate napped finishes. The specially treated block can easily remove surface dirt and stains while restoring the nap and rejuvenating the finish of the material.

11. Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioner

Best for Cleaning Corduroy

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This cleaner and conditioner is a specially formulated solution designed to clean and extend the lifespan of all kinds of footwear. Made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients, it can effectively remove stains such as oil, grease, grass, blood, and more. It is also powerful enough to remove certain inks and paints, making it an essential tool for cleaning corduroy shoes. Please remember that corduroy is a blend of various materials. Therefore, you will want to check that your specific combination of materials works with this product.

Our Top Picks for Shoe Protectants

What You Should Know

Shoe-protectant products are a great way to help extend the life of your shoes and keep them looking their best. However, using a product designed for your shoe's specific material is essential. Different materials require different types of protectants, and using the wrong product can potentially damage or discolor your shoes. For example, a protectant designed for leather may not be suitable for canvas or mesh. Using a protectant specifically designed for the material of your shoes can help ensure that they are effectively protected against water, stains, and other elements without any damage.

1. Vans "Off The Wall" Water and Stain Shield

Best for Protecting Fabric and Canvas

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This water and stain shield protects shoes from water and stains. It creates a barrier on the shoe's surface that repels liquids, preventing them from penetrating the material and causing damage or stains. This is particularly useful for shoes prone to water damage, like fabric and canvas.

2. Kiwi Sneaker Protector

Best for Protecting Synthetics

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This sneaker protector is a versatile waterproof spray that protects shoes against rain, stains, salt, and dirt. It forms an invisible shield on the shoes while allowing them to breathe. The waterproof spray and stain-repellent properties effectively safeguard various shoe materials, including Full Grain and Patent Leather, Synthetic and Faux Leather, Canvas, Suede, Nubuck, Mesh, Nylon, and Fabric.

3. Otter Wax Leather Salve

Best for Protecting Leather

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This treatment deeply conditions leather using a proprietary blend of natural waxes, oils, and butters. Once dry, it provides a natural sealant protecting leather against water and stains. In addition, it features a rich mix of moisturizing shea butter and carnauba wax that restores the suppleness, shine, and luster of dehydrated leather while protecting it from future damage. Because it contains no artificial dyes or chemicals, this treatment is safe for all types and colors of leather.

4. Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector Spray

Best for Protecting Suede

Why It's Front Page Worthy

Tarrago's fluorocarbon polymer material is a cult classic among shoe enthusiasts. It provides high-tech waterproofing that prevents water transfer into breathable materials and membranes such as Gore-Tex®, all while repelling dirt without changing the shoe's original color. The product's unique formula allows breathability, making it perfect for shoes of all types, from suede bucks to sneakers. In addition, it effectively seals the suede pores to prevent water seepage. However, it's unsuitable for nylon, lycra, or silk, so check the shoe's material before the application.

5. Jason Markk Repel Shoe Protectant Spray

Best for Protecting Corduroy

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe protector boasts excellent durability, creating a solid and breathable barrier that effectively repels stains and liquids, making it a shoe-repellant. The best part is that it is safe for all materials, including suede, nubuck, canvas, nylon, and more. Additionally, this water-based spray is both odorless and colorless, containing no toxic odor, harmful dyes, or colors. Not only is this product effective, but it is also eco-friendly, with a reusable applicator and refill options that help to reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. Unlike aerosol sprays, this propellant-free applicator dispenses a fine continuous mist that covers large areas quickly and evenly. However, it is essential to note that corduroy is a blend of various materials. Hence, ensuring that this product suits your specific combination of materials is vital.

Our Top Picks for Odor Control

What You Should Know

Shoe odor control products can significantly eliminate unpleasant odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh. However, using a product designed for the specific material your shoe is made of is essential. Different materials require different types of odor control, and using the wrong product can potentially damage or discolor your shoes. For example, a product designed for suede shoes may not be suitable for crocs. Using an odor control product specifically designed for your shoes' material can help ensure that they are effectively deodorized without any damage.

1. Fresh Foot Miracle Deodorizer Spray

Best for Deodorizing Fabric and Canvas

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This deodorizing spray is a unique product from the company that created Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner. The Fresh foot blend shoe deodorant is a powerful solution that effectively eliminates shoe odors without simply masking them. In addition, this product keeps working even after the scent has dissipated, ensuring that your shoes remain fresh and odor-free. One of the key ingredients in this deodorant is natural pine. With this shoe deodorant, you can be sure your footwear will smell clean and fresh without harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

2. Gold Standard Sneaker Deodorizer

Best for Deodorizing Synthetics

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe deodorizer is designed to keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean before and after all your activities. By spraying this product in your shoes between uses, you can eliminate unwanted odors and ensure they remain fresh and clean. Made with essential oils, odors are effectively removed naturally at the source, not just covered up. And, the peppermint oil provides a cooling sensation to help keep feet cool throughout the day.

3. FunkAway Extreme Odor Eliminator Spray

Best for Deodorizing Leather

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This odor eliminator is a versatile product that can eliminate funky smells, such as sweat, smoke, pet odors, mildew, skunk, and food. One of the key features of this product is that it's safe for pets and non-toxic, so you can use it without worrying about any harmful side effects. In addition, this odor eliminator is formulated with the unique OM Complex, designed to eliminate odor, not just mask it. As a result, you can be confident that this product will effectively neutralize any unwanted odors, leaving your space smelling fresh and clean.

4. Moneysworth and Best Boot and Shoe Freshener

Best for Deodorizing Suede

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe freshener is designed to provide full coverage, thanks to its upside-down spray applicator, which ensures that boots and shoes are covered from heel to toe. In addition, the formula contains a hygienic solution that effectively neutralizes odors, keeping your footwear fresh for up to 48 hours. This shoe freshener is suitable for all types of footwear, including leather, synthetic and faux leather, canvas, suede, nubuck, mesh, nylon, and fabric.

5. Shoe MGK Shoe Freshener

Best for Deodorizing Corduroy

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe freshener is an effective solution for eliminating shoe odors caused by bacteria buildup. This product is suitable for all types of footwear lining and can keep your shoes smelling fresher than ever. In addition, this product removes odors from all kinds of shoes, including tennis shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes, and dress shoes. So no matter what shoe you have, you can be confident that this product will help eliminate unwanted odors, leaving your shoes clean and fresh.

Our Top Picks for Repair and Maintenance

What You Should Know

Shoe repair and maintenance products can be a great way to keep your shoes in excellent condition and extend their lifespan. However, using a product designed for the specific material your shoe is made of is essential. Different materials require different types of repair and maintenance, and using the wrong product can potentially damage or even ruin your shoes. For example, a product designed for leather shoes may not be suitable for suede or fabric. Using a repair or maintenance product specifically designed for your shoes' material can help ensure that they are effectively treated without any damage.

1. Original Shoe Goo

Best for Fray and Tear Repairs

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This product is ideal for fixing worn soles or damaged heels, coating shoes to prevent premature wear, and sealing galoshes, waders, or rubber boots. The unique formula is designed to provide better adhesion to flexible materials, making it an excellent solution for repairing and protecting all types of footwear. This product is suitable for leather, vinyl, rubber, or canvas. It can bond, protect, and rebuild for a permanent repair. This shoe repair and protective coating is also an excellent sealant, perfect for patching small holes. It's also waterproof, meaning the bond remains secure even when exposed to water.

2. Angelus Leather Paint Starter Kit

Best for Leather and Canvas Color Repairs

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe restoration product is specifically designed for restoring dye on leather and paint on canvas shoes. The kit comes with 12 standard colors, which can be mixed to achieve the perfect shade for your shoes. With this product, you can restore the original color of your leather or canvas shoes, making them look as good as new. The paints are non-toxic and water-based, meaning they are safe and won't harm your shoes. Additionally, the paints are flexible and won't crack or peel, ensuring that your shoes will maintain their restored appearance for a long time.

3. Eachway Shoe Stretcher Adjustable Shoe Trees

Best for Expanding Shoes at Home

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This product provides 4-way stretching, allowing you to stretch the width and length of your shoes for the perfect fit. They are not suitable for boots, but they are perfect for use with a variety of other shoes, including leather and suede footwear. This product stretches flats, sandals, loafers, oxfords, tennis shoes, slippers, sneakers, canvas shoes, sports shoes, peep toes shoes, ankle boots (unsuitable for long boots), bike shoes, and wedge heels shoes (heels less than 2.36 inches). They can also help with foot issues like bunions, calluses, corns, or other problems that cause pressure on the foot when inside a shoe.

4. Moneysworth and Best Shoe Stretch Liquid

Best for Expanding Shoes on The Go

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This product is a lifesaver for tight boots and shoes. It safely stretches footwear while you walk without thinning or damaging the leather. The formula is not only designed to stretch but also to clean and condition the material. This product works well on various materials, including suede, leather, canvas, linens, and vinyl. This product lets you enjoy the perfect fit for your shoes without needing expensive repairs or replacements. So whether you have a new pair of shoes that need breaking in, or an old favorite that no longer fits comfortably, this product is an excellent solution for ensuring a perfect fit.

Our Top Picks for Storage

What You Should Know

Storing shoes properly is essential for maintaining their appearance and longevity. When shoes are stored improperly, they accumulate dust, dirt, and other contaminants, which cause discoloration, staining, and other types of damage. Additionally, moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause odors and lead to further deterioration of the shoes. To avoid these issues, shoes must be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Shoes should be cleaned and dried before storing and placed in a shoebox or other protective container.

1. Woodlore Shoe Fresh Inserts

Best for Crease Free Boot Shafts

Why It's Front Page Worthy

These boot shapers are an excellent way to keep your boot shafts crease-free. They are filled with 100% natural aromatic cedar chips that help absorb moisture and neutralize odors. Unlike other products that use artificial perfumes or scents, these boot shapers use only natural cedar chips, which are both practical and safe. With these boot shapers, you can ensure your boots maintain their shape and appearance while reducing unwanted odors or moisture buildup.

2. ForceField Shoe Crease Preventer

Best for Crease Free Toeboxes

Why It's Front Page Worthy

Crease preventers are the perfect solution for preventing the appearance of wear on your favorite sneakers. These foam preventers fit inside the toe box of sneakers, using a patented design to help hold their shape and protect their appearance. The soft foam ensures that sneakers remain comfortable while protecting their form. Additionally, the adhesive keeps them in place for all-day protection while wearing or storing your shoes. With these foam crease preventers, you can ensure that your sneakers always look their best.

3. Cedar Elements Split-Toe Cedar Shoe Tree

Best for Holding Shoe Shape

Why It's Front Page Worthy

These shoe trees are made from US-grown Aromatic Red Cedar. They feature an adjustable split toe, contoured heel, and high vamp to keep shoes in their original shape. The natural cedar also protects against insects, moths, mildew, and mustiness, making these shoe trees an excellent investment for keeping your shoes fresh and protected. In addition, the cedar's beautiful wood grain and aromatic scent add an elegant touch to any shoe collection. With these shoe trees, you can ensure that your shoes remain in excellent condition for longer while enjoying the benefits of natural protection and an attractive appearance.

4. ZENPAC Shoe Dust Bags

Best for Protecting Shoes

Why It's Front Page Worthy

These shoe bags are the perfect solution for protecting shoes from dust and damage in the closet. Made from 100% breathable organic cotton, they are chemical-free, with no dye, bleach, or sizing. These bags meet textile conservation standards, ensuring that your shoes are protected in the best possible way. The tight drawstring and high neck of the bag keep dust away. At the same time, the breathable material allows air to circulate, preventing any moisture buildup. These shoe bags are perfect for storage or travel, providing an excellent way to keep your shoes clean and protected no matter where you go.

5. Nike Sportswear's Signature Shoebox

Best for Storing Shoes

Why It's Front Page Worthy

This shoe bag, with built-in lining, is made from 100% polyester. It features a zipper closure for easy access and an eyelet for ventilation. The detachable strap makes this bag an excellent choice for travel or storage. With its durable construction and functional design, this shoe bag is a perfect way to keep your shoes clean and protected no matter where you go.

The Criteria We Used

As mentioned, we considered several factors when selecting our top cleaning supplies and products. Let's take a deeper look at the factors we considered.

1. Effectiveness

When it comes to shoe care products, effectiveness is key. Therefore, we looked for products that deliver on their promises and can effectively remove dirt, scuffs, and stains. In addition, we considered each product's long-term benefits, such as restoring the color and texture of the shoe material and protecting against future damage.

2. Ease of Use

No one wants to spend hours cleaning their shoes. So we looked for products that are easy to use and do not require complicated instructions or equipment. Products that are quick to apply and dry and do not require additional tools or materials were given priority on our list.

3. Safety

Shoes are made of various materials. Therefore, we chose each product based on the material it is designed to clean or protect. We chose a leather conditioner for leather, a suede cleaner for suede, etc. Additionally, we looked for products that do not contain harmful chemicals that could damage the shoe material or pose a risk to the user.

4. Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of products is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Therefore, we looked for eco-friendly options where possible, such as biodegradable products made from natural ingredients or packaged in sustainable materials. We also considered the production process and the company's overall commitment to sustainability.

5. Value for The Money

We understand that consumers want products that offer good value for their money. We looked for products that provide a good balance of quality and affordability. Products that are long-lasting, versatile, and able to deliver on their promises were given priority on our list.

6. Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is an essential factor to consider when choosing shoe care products. Therefore, we looked for brands with a good reputation, brands that have been around for a long time, and brands known for their high-quality products. We also considered brands that commit to customer service and offer product warranties or guarantees. By choosing products from reputable brands, consumers can have greater confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Our selection process focused on many factors. By considering these factors, we created a list of products that clean and protect shoes effectively and are safe, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Tips from Our Editors

  1. Test New Products on A Small Area First: Before using a new shoe cleaning product on your entire shoe, test it on a small, inconspicuous area first. This will help you to ensure that the product is safe to use and will not cause any damage to your shoes.
  2. Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions: Different shoe cleaning products may have different instructions, so it's essential always to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Misusing a product can cause damage to your shoes or reduce its effectiveness.


1. What is the difference between shoe-cleaning products and shoe-protecting products?

Shoe cleaning products are used to remove dirt, stains, and other debris from the surface of shoes. They are typically applied to the shoe's surface and removed with a cloth or brush. Shoe cleaning products can help restore the shoe material's color and texture and make it look new.

On the other hand, shoe-protecting products are designed to prevent damage to the shoe material. They can be applied before the shoes are worn and can help to repel water, stains, and other types of damage. Some shoe-protecting products are designed for specific materials, such as leather or suede. In contrast, others can be used on a wide variety of materials.

Shoe-cleaning products are used to clean shoes, while shoe-protecting products are used to prevent shoe damage. Both types of products are essential for maintaining the appearance and longevity of shoes.

2. How often should I clean my shoes with shoe-cleaning products?

The frequency with which you should clean your shoes depends on a few factors, such as how often you wear them, the conditions in which you wear them, and the type of shoe material. Generally, cleaning your shoes whenever they become noticeably dirty or stained is a good idea. This will help to prevent the dirt and debris from building up and potentially causing damage to the shoe material.

If you wear your shoes daily or in dirty or wet conditions, you may need to clean them more frequently. Leather shoes, for example, should be cleaned and conditioned every few months to keep them looking their best. Suede shoes require more frequent cleaning, as they can quickly become discolored or stained.

It's essential to follow the instructions on your shoe cleaning products, as different products may have different application instructions and recommended usage frequencies. Overall, keeping your shoes clean and well-maintained will help to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking their best.

3. Can shoe cleaning products remove stubborn stains and scuffs?

Yes. Many shoe cleaning products are specifically formulated to remove stubborn stains and scuffs from shoe materials. However, their effectiveness will depend on the type of stain and material of the shoe.

For example, some stains, such as oil or ink, can be challenging to remove from shoes. In these cases, you may need a specialized stain remover and a shoe-cleaning product. It's also important to note that some shoe materials, such as suede or nubuck, may require a more gentle cleaning method to avoid damaging the material.

When using a shoe cleaning product to remove stains and scuffs, following the instructions carefully and using the product in a well-ventilated area is essential. Suppose you're unsure which product to use for a specific type of stain or material. Consulting a professional shoe cleaner or the manufacturer's recommendations may be helpful in that case.

4. Can shoe cleaning products damage the material of my shoes?

Some shoe cleaning products can potentially damage the material of your shoes if not used correctly. For example, using a cleaning product designed for leather on suede shoes may cause the suede to discolor or become rough.

To avoid damaging your shoes, using a shoe cleaning product specifically designed for your shoes' material is essential. It's also important to follow the instructions on the product carefully, as overuse or incorrect application can lead to damage.

It's also worth noting that some shoe cleaning products may contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment or your health if misused. To minimize the risk of damage or harm, choosing eco-friendly and non-toxic shoe cleaning products is a good idea when possible.

Overall, if you use shoe cleaning products as directed and choose products appropriate for your shoe material, there is a low risk of damage.

5. Are there any eco-friendly shoe-cleaning products available?

Yes, many eco-friendly shoe-cleaning products are available on the market today. These products are designed to be less harmful to the environment and the user's health. They typically contain natural, non-toxic ingredients that are biodegradable and don't contribute to pollution or other environmental problems.

Some common eco-friendly ingredients used in shoe cleaning products include vinegar, baking soda, and plant-based oils like coconut and jojoba oil. In addition, many companies specialize in eco-friendly shoe care and cleaning products, offering a wide range of options for consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

When choosing an eco-friendly shoe-cleaning product, it's essential to check the product label or description to ensure that it meets your environmental standards. Look for products labeled as biodegradable, non-toxic, and made from natural or renewable materials.

Using eco-friendly shoe-cleaning products greatly reduces your environmental footprint and protects your health and the planet.

6. Can shoe cleaning products help to extend the life of my shoes?

Yes. Using shoe cleaning products can help extend the life of your shoes. By regularly cleaning your shoes, you can remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can cause damage to the material over time. In addition, cleaning your shoes can help to prevent stains and discoloration, which can also contribute to premature wear and tear.

Using shoe cleaning products can also help nourish and protect your shoes' material. For example, using a leather conditioner can help keep leather shoes soft and supple, preventing cracking and peeling.

In addition to using shoe cleaning products, there are other steps you can take to help extend the life of your shoes. For example, storing your shoes in a cool, dry place can help to prevent moisture damage and mildew. Using shoe trees can help maintain your shoes' shape and prevent creasing.

Overall, by using shoe cleaning products and taking other preventative measures, you can help to keep your shoes looking and feeling their best for as long as possible.

7. How should I store my shoe-cleaning products to ensure they remain effective over time?

To ensure your shoe-cleaning products remain effective over time, store them properly. Here are a few tips to help you store your shoe-cleaning products:

1. Keep them in a cool, dry place: Exposure to heat and moisture can cause some shoe cleaning products to lose effectiveness. Store your products in a cool, dry place to help extend their shelf life.

2. Keep them out of direct sunlight: Sunlight can cause some shoe-cleaning products to deteriorate over time. Store your products in a dark, shaded area to help prevent this.

3. Keep them away from children and pets: Some shoe-cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful if ingested. Store your products in a location that is out of reach of children and pets.

4. Keep them in their original packaging: Keeping your shoe-cleaning products in their original packaging helps protect them from exposure to the elements. It also helps maintain their effectiveness.

By following these simple tips, you can help to ensure that your shoe cleaning products remain effective and ready to use whenever you need them.

On a Final Note

And there you have it, fellow shoe enthusiasts – the key to keeping your kicks looking fresh and clean. With our top shoe cleaning and protecting products, you can put your best foot forward, no matter where your shoes take you.

So go ahead, strut your stuff confidently, knowing that your shoes are always ready for the spotlight.

As for those pesky scuffs and stains? They don't stand a chance.

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